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The purpose of Human Rights Education programme is to carry out the education of Human Rights and to raise awareness of society. The programme includes several projects of the NISI, which are based on the methods of informal education and aims at enabling young people for active participation in creating the peaceful community; the comunnity based on diversity, integration and mutual understanding. These are the pojects currently carried out under the programme umbrella:

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2017 08 07

Call for Applications EVS project “Future Society LAB 2”

Would you like to organize “Human Library”, coordinate No hate Speech Movement campaign initiated by Council of Europe on a national level, organize training courses and seminars based on the values of Human rights, more

2017 05 25

Let’s start this summer with Critical Thinking Festival 2017!

Critical Thinking Festival 2017 is a festival of 4 days for young journalists and opinion framers, in which the participants partly take the responsibility of the content of the event. The festival is organized more

2014 10 30

Guidelines for NHSM video competition

           CONTENT Competition is related to Human Rights Day 10/12 Videos are judged on how well they reflect the issue of human rights and the work of the NHSMPROCESS First video competition on National more

2014 10 08

National Institute for Social Integration join the Football People weeks

National Institute for Social Integration join the Football People weeks   National Institute for Social Integration is joining thousands of European groups this month to use the power of football to present a unified more

2014 09 18

National No Hate Committee Coordinator – Neringa Jurčiukonytė

1. Why does the Lithuania NCC have a Panda as their logo and not the normal “heart” like all the others? The National Institute for Social Integration – the organisation, that coordinates and implements more

2014 07 21

Human Library caught interest from foreign guests

Information is available in Lithuanian/

2014 07 14

World Lithuanian Youth congratulated Panda

Information is available in Lithuanian.

2014 07 11

Human Library – breaking stereotypes in local festival

“Human Library is a chance to verify the stereotypes about people who have to deal with difficulties because of  sexual orientation, skin color, or stay in jail. This project gives to all participants a more

2014 06 23

Polish youth NGO is looking for 2 volunteers for short term EVS in Poland

Polish youth NGO “UNESCO initiative centre” is looking for 2 volunteers for short term EVS in Poland, Wrocław. With other 2 volunteers from Georgia these persons would be responsible for leading activities for children more

2014 06 09

Myliu Panda TV: The First Step

We are having a celebration here with Panda! Finally, after two months of waiting we are pround to announce that we already have a team of 30 young and positive people able to edit, present, more

2014 05 30

Support European Antibullying Day

Reality in today’s EU societies shows that more and more children experience bullying in their everyday lives at the schoolyards, in the classrooms, in the Internet, in the playground, in the community. Bullying implies more

2014 05 16

No Hate Speech – You have to be creative to attract people

Viktorija Bruzaite (22), coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement in Lithuania. She believes that more information about human rights in the internet is crucial, but that the movement needs to be more creative and active in more

2014 05 07

The perception of tolerance in Lithuania: I hate you, but I let you exist

Internet, self-expression in virtual space, online hate speech and it’s prevention – Lithuanian national No Hate Speech campaign “Love Panda” organized a discussion with people, for whom the nature of internet is no longer more

2014 04 07

Panda at LMS Spring Forum

On April 4th more that 300 pupils from Lithuania gathered to the Spring Forum of Lithuanian School Student Union (LMS) in Vilnius. During the assembly report of the activities was presented, as well as more

2014 04 05


“We believe that happy people don’t spread hate and happy people don’t ignore hate when they see it”, says Neringa Jurčiukonytė, Director of NISI. Vilnius has a new inhabitant. ‘An inhabitant who makes chocolate, more

2014 03 31

New generation

Internet nowadays is full on initiatives like Pharell Williams song „Happy“ inspired videos, that motivate people to be joyful of the world around them and more happy everyday. With the upcoming spring and more more

2014 03 29

Week without bullying

Online bullying can be encountered by any child. Do you know how to stop it ? In video diary children tell a story about a new girl, who experienced verbal abuse at school and more

2014 03 25

Stereotype breaking library visited Lithuanian Parliament

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2013 12 10 beehive will share honey and warmth

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2013 12 09

Gyvoji bibilioteka kvies stereotipus laužančios kavos

Gruodžio 10 d. 17-20 val. Pilies g. 22 Vilniuje ir Vagos knygyne pc „Mega“ Kaune įsikūrusiose Coffee Inn kavinėse lankytojus pasivaišinti kava ir nuoširdžiai pasikalbėti kvies „Gyvoji biblioteka“. Bibliotekos lentynose skaitytojų lauks ne knygos, more

2013 11 06

All different all equal: active participation, diversity, human rights

National Institute for Social Integration creates and applies social innovations, which supports the integration of the persons from various social vulnerable groups within the manifold society. Aiming to contribute to the development of civil more

2013 06 19

(Lietuviškai) „Pokyčio daigai“ stiebiasi ir Vilniaus vaikų socializacijos centre

2013 06 06

(Lietuviškai) Žmogaus teisių gynimo organizacijos sveikina Vyriausybės sprendimą stiprinti moterų gynimą nuo agresijos ir smurto

2013 06 05

(Lietuviškai) Žmogaus teisių problemos Lietuvoje išstumtos iš viešojo ir politinio gyvenimo

2012 12 11

(Lietuviškai) Manote, bitės žiemą neskraido? Klystate!

2012 03 29

(Lietuviškai) Atėjo laikas romų integracijai

Kovo 21-ąją visame pasaulyje buvo minima Tarptautinė etninės ir rasinės diskriminacijos panaikinimo diena. Europoje Kovo 17-25 dienomis skelbiama veiksmų savaitė prieš rasizmą. Šių metų šūkis – „Rasizmas negali būti nei toleruojamas, nei ignoruojamas – more