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Media4change is a powerful movement for highest standards in journalism. Our slogan “Journalism – the Home of Human Rights” means that there are journalists who discover space for journalism ethics and human rights in their works. We are carrying out journalistic investigations on the issues of human rights, equality and diversity, and working on joint projects with editors and human rights experts. We not only discuss with professionals and experts on what is important, but also we create — one of our main goals is, together with independent journalists and editors, to examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We believe that the cooperation between NGOs, media and experts is the key to a better representation of socially vulnerable groups. The movement was initiated by the project “Address of Human Rights — Journalism”. This is the official name of Media4Change’s activities. Our goals is that, in prospect of continuity of the activities of this project, Media4Change would continue to be a strong movement for higher standards of journalism, the movement will be complemented by new ideas and projects of members of the movement. Our goals:

    We believe that media is a powerful weapon to protect the public interest. At the same time, we strive to create the society with no forgotten people. Therefore, our goals are as follows:
  • Development of the cooperation network of journalists, human rights and media experts;
  • Requirement to journalists of ethically and aesthetically talking to the public about problems of socially vulnerable groups;
  • Cooperation with journalists and experts in carrying out large-scale journalistic researches;
  • Provision of conditions for socially vulnerable groups to speak out about their problems and to be heard;
  • Cooperation with editors in creating contents on socially vulnerable groups;
  • In future perspective, provision of conditions for the society to show confidence in journalists they like and to support their brave ideas.
Structure of the project:
  • Workshops for young journalists and journalists;
  • Forum-discussion for editors;
  • Media monitoring;
  • Trainings for socially vulnerable groups to deliver their problems to the society;
  • Trainings for journalists from regions;
  • Journalistic campaign, journalistic research implementation.

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2017 05 25

Let’s start this summer with Critical Thinking Festival 2017!

Critical Thinking Festival 2017 is a festival of 4 days for young journalists and opinion framers, in which the participants partly take the responsibility of the content of the event. The festival is organized more

2016 04 14

Healing mental disorders with concrete

Lithuania is committed to reducing the number of adults with disabilities placed in social care by 40% before 2020, and the number of children in such arrangements should decrease by 60%. Yet data show more

2014 10 15

(Lietuviškai) Skelbiami antrojo etapo nugalėtojai!

2014 07 28

Journalistic investigation contest begins – investigatory funding 25 000 LTL

Information available in Lithuanian

2014 07 22

Well known experts shared their experience in trainings for journalists

Information is available in Lithuanian.

2014 02 26

Story-Based Inquiry: A manual for investigative journalists

This guide to investigative reporting, co-authored by Mark Hunter, Drew Sullivan, Pia Thosden, Rana Sabbagh and Luuk Sengers and UNESCO-funded, uses case studies to illustrate methods and skills, including research, writing, quality control, and more

2014 01 26

STOP: Roma and Arabs Not Permitted

‘NO, it’s a private evening.’ ‘NO, the club’s full.’ ‘NO, your dress code is not right.’ Or just a simple ‘NO’. Why? ‘No entrance for gipsies and Arabs – with such words foreigners are more

2013 12 10 beehive will share honey and warmth

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lietuviškai.

2013 10 20

Video from journalist training, Lithuania

International set of journalists participated in the journalist training on 10-13th of October 2013, held in Lithuania. The purpose of all professional journalists gathering together was to learn more about hate speech: the aim more

2013 06 17

(Lietuviškai) Nacionalinis socialinės integracijos institutas išreiškia susirūpinimą dėl atskirtį ir neapykantą skatinančių pranešimų

2012 12 11

(Lietuviškai) Manote, bitės žiemą neskraido? Klystate!