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NGO “Avilys” (NGO Beehive) is the space dedicated to work and interaction of non-governmental organizations and social innovators. The environment is cozy and inspiring to work in, generate ideas and cooperate for those organizations, social businesses and initiatives that have passion for improving society and creating better world.

NGO “Avilys” stands out with its culture and values. We care about tomorrow and stand for values of sustainable living, recycling and saving. We are not only the people who work in the same place. We are community; we gladly share our experience and ideas. People who work here are able to combine different visions and to make a real change.

We believe that life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Take action to become the one you’ve always dreamed off.


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News of program

2016 04 13

(Lietuviškai) Ūkio viceministras: socialinis verslas yra fantastiškas ekonomikos skatinimo įrankis

2014 04 10

Invitation to take part in creating interactive platform

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2013 12 10 beehive will share honey and warmth

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lietuviškai.

2012 12 11

(Lietuviškai) Manote, bitės žiemą neskraido? Klystate!