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Innovators Valley in Antalieptė   – is the space in nature for work sessions, strategic planning, trainings, cooperation and communication for the NGO, social businesses and social innovators; for those who create and implement ideas for social change.

It’s and infrastructure surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes with work spaces for rent. The organizations or individuals arriving to work here will not only get the space and all the tools needed for the work but also the possibilities for local tourism.

It is expected, that Valley will become the center for social businesses development. Since 2012 there were social entrepreneurship and innovations conferences BiZzZ held. The events were enjoying the contributions from several hundred social innovators, experts, representatives of institutions and organizations and participants looking for inspiration.

At the times when the center will not be occupied it opens its premises for the local youth as the leisure center. There are volunteers from EVS working with the youngsters.

News of program

2016 04 15

(Lietuviškai) Pasikrauk pozityvo Inovatorių slėnio sezono atidaryme OPENino’16

Want to fill up positive energy reservoirs for the whole year? Open up your minds and heart for new ideas, innovations, experiences and connections? Let’s meet in Innovators Valley season opening celebration „OpenIno 2016“ more

2013 12 10 beehive will share honey and warmth

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lietuviškai.

2013 08 29

(Lietuviškai) BiZzZ’13: čia gimsta Lietuvą keičiančios patirtys

2012 12 11

(Lietuviškai) Manote, bitės žiemą neskraido? Klystate!