(Lietuviškai) Pasikrauk pozityvo Inovatorių slėnio sezono atidaryme OPENino’16

Want to fill up positive energy reservoirs for the whole year? Open up your minds and heart for new ideas, innovations, experiences and connections? Let’s meet in Innovators Valley season opening celebration „OpenIno 2016“ We guarantee an inspiring environment, interesting people, and at least one First Time in your experiences collection. If You are: – Inspired by the idea of a better world; – Excited about social business; – Want to learn and have what to share with others; – Love nature and non-traditional spaces; – Looking for a place for self-expression, job tourism in nature or training; – Want to join Innovators community; Book April 23-24 weekend and register for the event, as seats are limited. You will receive: – Creative work-sessions with architects and historians creating visions for the future; – Interesting and engaging workshops about self-exploration, music, crafts; – Educational apiary “Bee for Human” workshop; – Night in now empty Carmelites monastery; – Night- experiential hike in Regional Park and a cosy evening next to the bonfire; – Open-space to develop and share your passion, ideas and skills; And beautiful moments. And interesting conversations. And the impressive nature. And … Open door for Innovation! Register there